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Thyroid Problems

Thyroid hormones have an extensive reach that spans from the brain to the bowels. Taste and smell defects are common clinical abnormalities in primary hypothyroidism. If you are experiencing smell loss, a Sentidos Smell Test Kit can help you identify what scents you are unable to detect and even help to recover them through smell training. 


Sentidos Smell Loss Detection Test is a reliable and accurate test for anyone concerned about or experiencing a loss of olfactory function. It is a thoroughly tested and researched olfactory assessment. The test kit that includes 12 scented waxes, multiple choice answer sheet, and user instructions and is easily self-administered in 10-15 minutes.

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Loss of Smell and Thyroid Issues

"Although thyroid hormone effects on the brain are most prominent in development, adult-acquired hypothyroidism symptoms such as sensory impairments, disagreeable smells and taste, slowness of thought and action, changes of speech, irritability, headaches, sleep disturbances, confusion up to delusions and hallucinations, impairments of memory, of vision as well as of hearing frequently occur."

D., I., Mohanasundaram, S., Niederkinkhaus, V., Hoffmann, G., W., J., Reiners, C., . . . Bohr, K. (2012). Thyroid Hormone Effects on Sensory Perception, Mental Speed, Neuronal Excitability and Ion Channel Regulation. Thyroid Hormone. doi:10.5772/48310

Thyroid Problems and Smell Loss

“This study indicates that taste and smell defects are common clinical abnormalities in primary hypothyroidism, and suggests that these defects may contribute to the anorexia and lack of interest in eating which are frequently observed. Treatment with thyroid hormones largely reversed both the taste and smell defects.”

Mcconnell, R. J., Menendez, C. E., Smith, F. R., Henkin, R. I., & Rivlin, R. S. (1975). Defects of taste and smell in patients with hypothyroidism. The American Journal of Medicine, 59(3), 354-364. doi:10.1016/0002-9343(75)90394-0

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Please note the Sentidos smell test kit only tests your sense of smell and it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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