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Employee Smell Testing

Sentidos smell test kits provide cost effective smell testing for employers and the self-employed.

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Smell Tests for Industry and Professionals


Diminished sensitivities, particularly smell loss, can be incapacitating, placing the individual, as well as coworkers, at risk in many occupations such as:


  • Firefighting

  • Food science

  • Health and Safety Inspection

  • Plumbing

  • Restaurants

  • Aviation

  • Chemical manufacturing

  • Nuclear plant maintenance

  • Military

Smell Testing and Health and Safety


Those who work in situations where the ability to detect odor warnings is essential should be evaluated regularly.


Unlike other senses such as vision and hearing, sense of smell is not routinely tested by physicians, employers, or government.


Such testing can be employed to identify workers with olfactory dysfunction in jobs in which decreased smell function can have major safety consequences such as inability to smell smoke, toxic fumes or spoiled food.

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Smell Tests and ISO 45001


Regular smell testing can help your business achieve professional accreditations such as ISO 45001: Occupational Health and Safety, ISO 9001: Quality Management and ISO 31000: Risk Management.

Smell Testing after Illness or Injury


Smell testing is especially important for employees who have returned to work after experiencing viral infection, head injury or other health related issues which may result in Anosmia (inability to detect odors), Hyposmia (reduced ability to detect odors), Dysosmia (distorted identification of smell, usually unpleasant) or Parosmia (Distorted perception of smell triggered by another common odor).

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Smell Tests and Recruitment


For occupations where an acute or heightened sense of smell is crucial, such as Sommelier, Perfumer, Food Scientist, Aroma therapist, or Odor tester, employers can use smell testing as a first step to determine an applicant’s olfactory sensitivity.


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